Violin Adventures with Rachel Barton Pine
Episode 25: Meet the Viola d'Amore, a 14-Stringed Cousin of the Violin!

- Inquires From My Inbox: Caveman147 asks "Do you use the same violin when you play Sweet Home Chicago?"

- Random Musical Thought: Why can't you buy embroidered patches of classical composers or performers?

- All about the viola d'amore: its construction, its history, what it sounds like, how it's tuned, learning how to play it, famous composers who wrote for it, and where to call for information about buying one.  To learn more about the viola d'amore, you can visit:

The Viola d'amore Society of America


To watch Rachel perform the Vivaldi Concerto in D Major for Viola d'Amore, please click here!

total playing time: 17:57


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