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Episode 33: Tips for the day of a competition or an audition

Episode 33: Tips for the day of a competition or an audition


- Upcoming Events: May 10 - performance at benefit gala for Chicago’s Ars Viva Symphony


- Inquiries from my Inbox: Bill asks, “Why did you choose to change the tempo between the AC/DC and your own pieces??


- Random Musical Thought: Why weren’t any classical musicians included in the recent internet gossip story about musicians caught picking their noses?


- Tips for the day of a competition or an audition: concentrate on playing your best rather than worrying about what the judges will think, don’t worry about hearing a competitor who sounds amazing in the warm-up room, be sure to arrive early, bring plenty of healthy snacks, don’t ever leave the building, don’t ever leave any of your stuff unguarded especially your instrument or sheet music, bring a portable listening device and some good books or magazines, don’t feel obligated to chat with others if you’re not feeling sociable, bring along a designated buddy to keep you company, don’t wear yourself out in the warm-up room, play an old favorite piece or listen to loud music on your I-Pod to get in a performing mood, if you’re allowed to find your own warm-up spot a bathroom might be a good option, take time to center yourself rather than rushing to start playing after the judges tell you which piece to play, make sure your piano accompanist is ready to play before you give the cue, don’t be fazed if the judges are writing a lot of comments (they might be writing compliments!), don’t draw any conclusions from the judges’ tone of voice, don’t take it as a bad sign if the judges stop you more quickly than you expect, don’t peek at the judges while you’re playing, thank the judges after you finish if that would be appropriate, ask for feedback if you get a chance, be sure to show your comment sheets to your teacher, don’t compare judges’ numerical scores to each other.


total playing time: 23:14


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