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Episode 34: Tips for preparing for orchestral auditions

Episode 34: Tips for preparing for orchestral auditions

- Upcoming Events: May 17 - Bruch Scottish Fantasy with the Puerto Rico Symphony

- Inquiries from my Inbox: Bruce asks, “Is it unusual for a soloist like yourself to have put in a lot of time as an orchestral player?”

- Random Musical Thought: Theologian Marcus J. Borg said, “Being part of a community that hears words and music from hundreds and even thousands of years ago delivers us from the provincialism of the present.”
- Tips for preparing for orchestral auditions: highlight things like accents and dynamics to make sure you don’t miss any, be sure to learn the entire pieces that your excerpts come from, buy inexpensive orchestra parts from Luck’s Music Library ( or 800-348-8749), get new clean parts, listen to a few different recordings of each piece, practice each excerpt at a variety of different tempos, play along with the recordings to get the other instruments in your ear, make yourself an excerpt mix tape or playlist and listen to it over and over again, look at the orchestral score for each piece, talk to colleagues about their experiences, play for a variety of different coaches, try to play for someone from the orchestra you’re auditioning for.

total playing time: 21:23


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