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Episode 51: Writing your own cadenza - don't be scared, it's fun!

Episode 51: Writing your own cadenza - don't be scared, it's fun!
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Random Musical Thought: What if violin students brought bows with them to concerts like kids bring baseball gloves to baseball games?
Writing your own cadenzas: list musical material from all of the parts of the orchestral score and number each excerpt; study others' cadenzas: count how many measures long they are to find a typical range, write out each cadenza's harmonic scheme to note progressions and how many keys are used, mark which excerpts are used in others' cadenzas and observe how they are altered, note how many bits of musical material are used in each cadenza; brainstorm in your head and improvise on your instrument rather than trying to write the cadenza starting at the beginning, jot down any good ideas you come up with and when you have enough possibilities you can try to put them all together; think about whether the style of your cadenza matches the style of the concerto.

total playing time: 16:09


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