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Episode 53: The beautiful science of strings

Episode 53: The beautiful science of strings

Upcoming events: January 24 - private performance in West Palm Beach, Florida, January 28 - private soiree in Chicago, January 30 - master class at Virginia Commonwealth University, January 31 - recital at Virginia Commonwealth University (works of Dvorak, Brahms, Corigliano, Bauer, Gilbert, and Sousa)

Inquiries from my Inbox: A neighbor in my elevator asks, "Who is your dressmaker?" You can contact my wonderful dressmaker, Julia Needlman, at 773-750-2180 or Musical Thought: If I had to make an unbreakable vow, I would place my hand on the Bach Six Sonatas and Partitas.A conversation from November 3, 2008, with two representatives of Thomastik-Infeld in Vienna, makers of Vision strings: Wolfgang Weiss, Head of Marketing, and Franz Klanner, Head of Research and Development and Material Science.For more information about Thomastik-Infeld strings, please visit playing time: 49:09 SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST ON I-TUNES!Would you like to be featured on Violin Adventures? Just send your question via text or as an MP3 attachment to and listen for your answer on Inquiries From My Inbox!

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