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Episode 61: String Instrument Care 101

Episode 61: String Instrument Care 101
Upcoming Events: May 7 – Brahms Concerto with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, May 14 – Brahms Concerto with the Shreveport Symphony in Louisiana, May 15 – chamber music for the Norton Building Concert Series in Lockport, IL, May 19 – Brahms Concerto with the Monterrey Symphony in Mexico, May 22 – recital in Wayne, IL featuring music by Mozart, Strauss, Janacek, Beach and Ravel
Inquiries from my Inbox: BBC Music Magazine asks: “If you were stranded on a desert island, what luxury item, what book, and what recording would you want to have with you?”
Random Musical Thought: Steve Hashimoto writes: “If you watch almost any horror or science-fiction movie, you’ll hear some sort of atonal  music on the soundtrack; you probably won’t hear anything like that in your typical Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston flick. It made me think that perhaps there’s your demographic for a concert of works by Webern and Berg and Stockhausen: dudes who dress in black, listen to Metallica, and rent the Saw series. Worth a shot…”

A discussion about Rachel Barton Pine’s document from the Rachel Elizabeth Barton Foundation’s Instrument Loan Program, “Proper Care of String Instruments and Bows.”

total playing time: 00:34:12
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