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Episode 70: Fiesta! Rachel Barton Pine’s CD Capricho Latino, part 2

Episode 70: Fiesta! Rachel Barton Pine’s CD Capricho Latino, part 2

Upcoming Events: March 21 and 22 – Bruch Scottish Fantasy and Mackenzie Pibroch Suite with the Orchestra de Bretagne in Rennes, France, March 23 – master class for the Rennes Conservatory

Inquiries from my Inbox:  Steve writes, “I'm really curious which rosin you use.” Dierdra asks, “What is your setup on this stunning ex-Soldat of yours? What brand of strings do you use? And what brand of rosin works best with them? Do you change the rosin depending on the climate of the place you perform in or a season? And what bridges are used on such valuable instruments as yours - are they the high- level "commercial" ones like Aubert de Luxe, Despiau etc. or maybe custom made especially for you?”

Random Musical Thought: Can imagination be as effective as reality? 

Main Topic: Part two of an extended version of WFMT’s program “Fiesta!” with host Elbio Barilari. Includes an interview with Rachel Barton Pine about her new CD “Capricho Latino” on Cedille Records, an album of Spanish and Latin American works for unaccompanied violin. Features sample tracks: Etude No. 6 by White, and Ferdinand the Bull by Ridout, narrated by Hector Elisondo. For more information about Fiesta! please visit

Total playing time: 00:41:33 


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