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Episode 73: Violin Lullabies, part 1

Episode 73: Violin Lullabies, part 1


Upcoming Events: April 27 – Mendelssohn Concerto with the Lafayette Symphony in Indiana, April 28 – Biber Mystery Sonatas No. 5 and 10 for the Bloomington Early Music Festival in Indiana, May 2 – recital for the San Diego State University’s Jewish Studies Program in California (works by Bloch, Achron, Yale Strom and more), May 5 – violin/cello duo recital with Mike Block in LaGrange, IL


Inquiries from my Inbox:  Janis writes, “For an easy-to-use, much safer heavy hotel mute, get a couple earth magnets and clap them together around the bridge near the center, over the heart cutout.”


Random Musical Thought: Wouldn’t it be interesting if the audience didn’t know the “set list” for a recital until they were actually at the concert?


Main Topic: Part one of a tour of Rachel Barton Pine’s new album, Violin Lullabies. Includes excerpts of cradle songs by Beach, Durosoir, Faure, Respighi, Schubert, Iljinsky, Ravel, Reger, Sivori, Viardot, Antsev, Falla, and Hovhaness.


Total playing time: 00:37:05




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