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Episode 77: Writing Women Back Into Music History!

Episode 77: Writing Women Back Into Music History!


Upcoming Events: June 20 – performance with pianist Matthew Hagle for WFMT’s Impromptu; June 22 – with Earthen Grave for Days of the Doomed near Milwaukee, Wisconsin; June 28 – master class for the Birch Creek Music Performance Center in Door County, Wisconsin; June 30 – free children’s program at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago


Inquiries from my Inbox:  Vanlal asks: “How do you play period works a half step low?” Brian asks: “Have you ever played ‘Ashoken Farewell?’”


Random Musical Thought: Are your instruments your friends, your family, your harem, your menagerie, or what?


Main Topic: A conversation with Karen Shaffer, author of “Maud Powell: Pioneer American Violinist” and Pamela Blevins, author of “Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott: Song of Pain and Beauty.” For more information about the Maud Powell Society for Music and Education and the magazine “Signature, Women in Music,” please visit


Total playing time: 00:45:28




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