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Episode 50: Fantasies on Beethoven’s Violin Concerto (a.k.a. my cadenzas)

Episode 50: Fantasies on Beethoven's Violin Concerto (a.k.a. my cadenzas)

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Inquiries from my Inbox: Will asks, "Do you ever hang out with other soloists?”

Random Musical Thought: Verdi says, “I adored and I adore this art; and when I am alone and am wrestling with my notes, then my heart pounds, tears stream from my eyes, and the emotions and pleasures are beyond description."

My cadenzas to the Beethoven Violin Concerto – a complete walkthrough of my construction with musical examples.  Includes the first and last movement cadenzas from my new CD “Beethoven and Clement Violin Concertos” with Maestro Jose Serebrier and the Royal Philharmonic.  To purchase this CD, please visit

total playing time: 27:49


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